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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm a Busy Bee!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted much since our referral! I honestly still can't believe we are PARENTS! We were so blessed to get our call during the Christmas break so we could really enjoy the news with our family and friends, and not be too distracted with things. Well, now that we are back to work, we are definitely busy!  And I suspect this will continue for the next few months! :)  It has been difficult to get things done, but we are doing it, one thing at a time. We went to go apply for our passports recently, but that wasn't as easy as I hoped (but really, what is during this process?) ;)  Bryan was fine, but they didn't accept my birth certificate, so I had to wait, order another one, and then come back and apply once I got my new one in the mail. I finally got that done last Friday. I'm praying I get our passport before we get our travel call! We've also been working on a care package for the little guy.  We are allowed to send over one care package, so I'm really trying to make it count. I'm almost done getting that together, just have to write the foster mother a thank you and have someone translate it for me. Hopefully that will be ready to go in the next day or two. Of course, I'll post pictures when I'm done with that. We are also working on our next fundraiser and getting an account opened with the help of Lifesong for Orphans, to accept tax deductible donations for the remainder of our adoption funds! More information will be coming on this as well. Our acceptance paperwork took up the most time, but it has recently been sent and was in Korea by January 9th! We are just waiting for our legal documents to be sent back to our agency, and then the next step is to apply for I-600.  I know it doesn't make much sense, but just know we are busy with paperwork and getting ready for our little Jack! ;)  I can't wait to share more about the little man, and his picture with you, but we are waiting just a little longer until we have our legals in.  Hopefully that will be VERY soon! Pray those legals come in FAST too so we don't have to do a homestudy update! By the way, I updated the post, Referral Day, to include more about the day we got the referral call. I was so over the moon, I didn't know what to say at first. :) Thank you all for being so happy for us! We have been overwhelmed and so so thankful for all your kind words!

1 comment:

  1. I am soo happy for you both! it couldn't happen soon enough! I am soo glad you have been keeping us posted on your long journey. I feel like I have been able to be there and experience the excitement right along with you. Whoo Hoo! Can't wait to hear more!