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Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Jack Dohyun!

Well, it's January 20th here, but it's already January 21st in Korea, so that makes it officially Jack's birthday! We are planning to have a celebration tomorrow, but I wanted to do something special for the little guy tonight. I decided to make him a cake. I have always had an interest in making cakes, but never had the initiative to make them. I just always thought I would wait until I had kids. Well, now I do! And even though he isn't here, I wanted to try to do something special for him. So, I made him a little cake and Bryan and I prayed a special birthday prayer for him.  I am sad we couldn't be together to celebrate his first birthday, but I'm sure he is being loved on greatly by his foster family!

Characters say Jack in Korean.

We also sent "Jack-Jack" our care package last week for his birthday. We sent him his first Yankees hat (a must have) :), a little red fleece jacket, a star wars onesie (yes, he will be a nerd like daddy) ;) , an Alabama football (from Grandpa), and a lovie that Bryan and I have been sleeping with for a month so it will have our scent. We also found this really cool picture album that you can put pictures in and record a message for each one. So we had a couple photos of us, one of each of us, one of each set of grandparents, and of course, one of Sam and Rosie. We also sent the foster mother a bag, coffee, Almond Rocca (heard it was really expensive in Korea), and a thank you card. Hope to get a picture of him receiving it, but I will try not to get my hopes up.  Love you Jack Dohyun! Happy Birthday Little Man!


  1. Monica! I have loved reading about your amazing adoption journey through your blog! Your story is so empowering and truly shows God's love for His children! I am so excited for you, your husband and Jack! Can't wait to read future posts!

  2. yay! I found your blog! It was really great meeting you two last night. The adoption support group was so encouraging and fun. I look forward to coming again. You guys are so close and that is so awesome! Congratulations Monica!