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Monday, February 9, 2015

Here We Go AGAIN!!!

Here We Go AGAIN!!!

Well, here we are again! Five years ago, Bryan and I officially began our adoption journey to Jack! As much as we tried to prepare ourselves, these years were not what we anticipated. Through our journey we experienced many disappointments and deep heartache along the way. BUT...in the end, God drew us close to Him, and we experienced a love we could not have imagined and sense of completeness with our sweet Jack! He could not have been more perfect for our family and we simply couldn't imagine life without him. Even with all those valleys, we would do it again and again for this little man! So, with much excitement, Bryan and I (and Jack) anticipate our next journey to child #2! We are adopting again, but this time, its a little different. Before when we decided to adopt, God made clear the path on which we go on...South Korea. This time, however, we aren't sure what God wants us to do. Our journey with Jack has opened our eyes to different possibilities this time. Before we didn't know what to expect, but now, after what we have gone through, we are definitely more open to other options.  We are looking at international and also domestic. We decided to go ahead and announce our decision to expand our family, so that we may ask for your prayers during this time for us. We know that God knows exactly who this child is and what way we will come to him/her.  We trust in God's leading, timing, and provision in this journey, because He did it for us before. We are so excited and hope that you will, once again, follow along in our journey, and see how God shows up!