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Monday, February 1, 2016

Some Updates!

Hey guys! I just wanted to catch up with you and post a few updates. First, I wanted to let you know that our last minute Christmas Ornament Fundraiser was very successful!  We are happy to announce that after we paid for our expenses and shipping costs, we made $1000 total!!! We are simply amazed and so grateful for your support! We are excited to be saving and moving toward our next adoption!! And speaking of our adoption, we are making small strides toward that as well. Just over the weekend, we had a conversation with an adoption consulting company and are excited about a new opportunity that had been revealed to us! Right now, B and I have a plan! We are leaning very heavily in one direction, however, we aren't so convinced that we want to share too many specifics with everyone at this point. Our plan over the next few months is to 1.) PRAY and 2.) Start raising money. First and foremost, we feel strongly that we want to follow God's will, so we are fervently praying that he would open the right doors and make obvious His plan for us! All the while, we are moving forward with our "adoption plan" by raising the money we need to get started. We are needing to raise our agency start up fees as well as our home study fees. I am working on a fundraiser through Getty Art Studio and will hopefully have that up soon! God willing, by this spring, we will have raised enough money to start the process and we can share with you our adoption plan! Please join with us over the next few months in praying for God to continue to show us His will in our next adoption! Thank you!!!