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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nursery for Jack!

I'm so excited to share Jack's nursery with everyone! I have been waiting so long to have a nursery and I can't believe it's finally done! It took us about 3 total weeks to complete it. I got a lot of great deals on furniture, but because it was all mismatched, it ALL had to be painted white. And did you know if you don't spend money on a good white paint, you will have to paint it five or six times over the primer!!!!!!!!?  :)  So, that took the majority of the time. But once all the furniture was painted, it was fun putting it all together. Now that it's done, I go in his nursery about two or three times a day and sit and look at everything. :)  I just can't wait to have him home! Anyway, here it is!  I hope Jack likes it and maybe even wants to sleep there. ;)

This is what you see when you walk in.
The quilt that inspired the nursery. A gift from my mom.
Looking to the left.
My first mural! Decided to add the growth chart last minute.
Our awesome humidifier. I added the yankees hat of course. ;)
We attached shelves to the branches.

Our little golfer! ;)
Artwork by my sister. And a perfect little Pella piggy bank my hubby got from work.

The right side of the room.
My first painting for Jack. We chose this verse because it's good for us to be reminded that we are all adopted through Christ!

Dog approved! ;)

Now all we need is JACK! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shower for Jack Jack!

Bryan and I had a very special baby shower thrown by my family last weekend!  We were definitely "showered" with gifts and love!
All this adoption "stuff" has not only be new to us, but to my entire family. And unfortunately, I have seen where it can be difficult for some families to accept and understand.  Thankfully for us, our family has been unwavering in their support, and Jack has been welcomed with open arms and a loving hearts.  We felt so blessed that they would do this for us, but even more so, to have them as family!

Check out the photos! 

My nursery colors are red, yellow, black (grey), and white, so they decided the theme should be, Red, Yellow, Black and White, All Are Precious In His Sight. LOL! ;)
Some tasty Hwachae punch and cute Korean cups!
Favors with fruit candies and picture of Jack!
Our JACK fruit pizza.  ''Jack" spelled out in Hangul.
More Korean snacks!
Amazing and great tasting cake made by my talented aunt Ashly!
They also made shirts for us to wear! Eomma and Appa (mom and dad)!

My family (minus Chris)!
Jack's cousin, Cooper enjoyed the party!
Even Jack's second cousin, Addi was there!

The whole gang (minus Billy and Ash)

Handmade by Erika!
Of course, Grampa had throw in one of his gifts! :)

No wardrobe would be complete without star wars!
Pillow made by my aunt Stacy! The J is made up of all black buttons!

Isn't this a cute family?

Cooper volunteered to try out our new carrier! I think he likes it! :)
Cooper says, "Take me there uncle B to see Jack!"

Thank you to my sisters and mother for planning such a nice shower, and for the rest of my family for coming and showing love on us and our son! We love you!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Joyful Day!

"Be Joyful in Hope, Patient in Affliction, and Faithful in Prayer!"
-Romans 12:12

Today was such a wonderful day! Just want to thank everyone so much for your prayers for the EP situation, because the Lord heard our cries! Today, for the first time in 9 months, Korea started submitting EP's!  It was such a joy, throughout the day, to see waiting families express their excitement as they were informed that they would soon receive a travel call and FINALLY be able to go get their child! I'm expecting to hear even more news tomorrow, too!
Bryan and I were also informed that our I-600 has been received in Korea (NVC out), and as of today has been scanned and processed! So, now we are in the wait for our EP! We have been told though that our agency may not be able to let us know if our EP is submitted. If that is the case, we will just receive a travel call. So, our goal is to be ready for Jack in the next few weeks, just in case! ;) I'll keep you updated if I hear anything new regarding our expected travel.
Lastly, I have another praise I wish to share. We have met our goal of travel expenses through Lifesong!! We recently discovered we may have been a little short on our travel estimate, as it seems airline tickets are more than we thought. But when we checked our account today, we discovered that people have given beyond our set goal and we expect our tax return to cover the rest!! Every penny met through so many generous and loving individuals!  It is true that God funds what He favors! Thank you Lord for your goodness today and everyday! :)