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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No News Is Good News?

Well, I have to admit, the past few months have been torture! Like I have mentioned before, going into this adoption process, I expected delays, especially once everything gets to Korea. But from what I have read, this part of the adoption process should be pretty routine. Everything should have been on our way to Korea at this point! But we are still waiting. In fact, it is as if we haven't done anything for two months! Since my last post, we had to resend a new home study to USCIS. Even though, we eventually tracked down our last one at the wrong facility and got it sent to them, they said it probably came in with a bunch of packages they received from Charleston and they just haven't gone through it all yet. They said it would probably be faster for us to resend another one! Seriously? It had already been there a few weeks, and they were saying it would be faster to go through the process of resending another one (another 3 or so MORE weeks)? How many boxes could they possibly have that it would take them 5 or more weeks to go through!!! So, we tried to have our agency talk to them and try to get them to make more of an effort to find it, but it didn't work of course. So, that meant our agency would have to get everything all together again and send it to DSS again to get approved. Then they would send it to USCIS, and hopefully FINALLY match it with our application. Right now our home study is still at DSS and has been for two weeks. Even once our home study is matched, we still have another 4 to 6 week wait until everything can get sent to Korea! So, we still have a lot more waiting, and we haven't even got to the referral wait yet! I guess these are my labor pains! :) That same ache I have had in my heart when we were unsuccessfully trying to have a baby, is back again! Every time I think about this situation, my heart just hurts. I guess with the adoption, I felt like I had control and I was finally going to have a child, but when all this started happening, I quickly realized how little control I actually do have! Don't get me wrong, the pain may be the same, but in this situation, I have hope and that is what keeps me positive. I know I don't have the perspective of God, so I can't know what the purpose is in all of this, but I do know that He is working it out for our good (Romans 8:28). I often think of the line in a song, "open my eyes to see the things unseen," and I pray that one day I will know and you all will "see" why this is happening this way and be a true testament to God's glory! :) On another note, we are in the planning stages of our first fund raiser for our adoption! We are going to be doing a yard sale in our neighborhood (Charleston Park) on Saturday, September 11th. We will have it at our pavilion next to the playground, and have some refreshments, music, and maybe a raffle of some sort. So, it should be a fun family event! We will definitely need help with any donations you might have. So, if you have anything you would like to donate or would like to help in any way, you can contact me here or on facebook and we can make arrangements. I'll keep yall posted as we get closer and more details come about! Thanks for keeping up with us and for your prayers! Hopefully we will have better news to report sooner rather than later! ;)