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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Jugoo" And More

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a little update about what's been going on with our family. We are just wrapping up the summer and made lots of memories. My hubs is a teacher, so we are so blessed to get to spend the whole summer with him! We went camping, visited family in South Carolina, had a (half) birthday celebration for Jack, and spent lots and lots of time together! :) Here are a few pics from the summer...

Who needs a selfie stick when you are married to Bry!? :)

Picnic at the lake.

Camping at Vogel State Park

LOVES his new bike!

Summer of Legos!

Learning at Daddy's tennis camps.

Jack's Half Birthday Celebration

Slip and Slide!

Fun with friends!

Hiking to Anna Ruby Falls

Blueberry Pickin with Cousins.

Motorcycle fun!

Nothing beats a ride in Papa's trailer!

Facing his fears in the water. :)

Fun with family!

Jack has officially started PreK already and LOVES it! Mommy was a little bit of a mess when she left him and came home on the first day, but since then it has gotten better. Knowing Jack is excited and looking forward to school makes it so much easier on me! :)

With Jack at school, I have noticed that I am able to multitask much easier! It's probably because I don't have a certain little guy asking me a question EVERY FIVE MINUTES. ;) I do love my inquisitive guy, but I also enjoy being able to process my thoughts now! :) This last week and a half with Jack at school, I have been able to get a lot of things accomplished, including preparing to reopen my studio. I did decide to take the summer off with my family, so I am still just in the beginning stages. My plans are to try to open in the fall, but it might be late fall. Pray for me as I get discouraged from time to time as I struggle with doubting myself. I really want God to lead me through this process and help me make the best decisions for my business.  Here are some fun ones I did this summer for my friends and family...

And finally we come to Jugoo. What's Jugoo you ask? Well, it is the name our son has given to our next child. :) He was drawing our family the other day on his chalkboard and he decided to add his little brother/sister to it. I asked him what his name is and he said without hesitation, "Jugoo." So, there you go! We officially have a name (nickname that is) for our next child!

Ever since then, Jack has been referring to Jugoo in all different types of situations. He explains that Jugoo will need his/her own car seat and he will have to help him get in it.  He talks about sharing a room with Jugoo and that he might cry at first because he can't talk yet. I cannot tell you how much this has excited me! Before, whenever we would talk about Jack being an older brother with him, he seemed less than thrilled at the idea. So much so, it discouraged me and made me doubt if we should even go forward with the adoption. I began to wonder if I was up for the whole process again and really letting Satan attack my thoughts. Becoming my typical Negative Nellie, Bryan encouraged me and we kept praying about it. Now, it seems, God has been working on Jack's little heart. Jack still may not be thrilled with the idea, but at least he is showing some interest now! God is good!

As far as our adoption of "Jugoo," we have not taken any steps toward any process yet. We had a major hold up with trying to sell our home in Charleston, and we wanted to do this before we could really focus on our adoption process. Again, God was good, and by the end of July, we were finally able to close on our home! We were kinda sad to see it go and officially say goodbye to our Charleston life, but we are also looking forward to our next adventure with "Jugoo." :)

Goodbye Charleston Home! :(
Please keep praying for us and we figure out which direction to go for our adoption. We still have not felt led yet with what to do on that regard. Thank you, as always, for praying for our family!