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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Month 6!

Oh man! Where did the time go? I can't believe how fast the last few months just flew by! I blame it on the holidays! ;) I've got so much to catch up on, so I'll get right to it. Since I missed our month 6 and 7 updates, I'll start with month 6...

So our sixth month with Jack home was a big month!

First we had Halloween!  I really wanted Jack to either be PSY or Cookie Monster for Halloween.  But since I couldn't find an affordable costume in time, craigslist had to do. I came across this monkey costume for $5, and since Jack was so good at making monkey noises, I thought it would be perfect. Here's our little monkey...

Jack looking thrilled! ;)
He did great trick or treating! Once he caught on to how it works, he was on a mission! ;) He even got extra candy at some house because he was so cute! Here's a video of his first house...


Here we go!
That little tail was so cute!

"Treat..Treat!" He would say. ;)
We worked a couple blocks and then came home to check out the loot! We don't give Jack very much candy, so he was super excited!!

Sugar High!
After a few treats, we skyped cousin Cooper, who was a monkey too!

Then it was November. We started off this month first with celebrating Bry's birthday. We didn't make it a big deal, but we did had some family come over and visit, so that was fun! Jack got to enjoy his Ninna and Papa, while Bry and I got to go on a date! We thought we would go to a local seafood joint, but once we got there we decided we wanted burgers, so we left and went to Five Guys instead. ;) Yum!

Reading with Ninna.
Happy Birthday Dad!
He's the best!

Then it was pumpkin time! :) I was so excited to bring Jack to the pumpkin patch! We picked a nice sunny day, and decided to leave after Jack's nap, so he would be well rested and ready to have some fun.  I couldn't wait to take pictures and capture his cute smile with all the pumpkins around. Of course, though, once we got there, Jack was acting out and definitely not in the mood for pictures. :( He ran all around that place and I could never get him to look up at the camera, much less smile too. Oh well, I guess you can't plan too much when your a parent. But we did manage to get a couple cute ones.

This was Jack just about to take off running and in the middle of a scream! :)

Dada is so helpful.
Our little pumpkin!

"I think I'll take this one!"
Little pumpkins...
BIG pumpkins!

Throwing hay!
"Are you done taking pictures yet?"
Then all of the sudden, it was Thanksgiving! We went up to Florence, SC and stayed at Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Brock's house for a few days. It was lots of fun as we finally got to have some good cousin time (as you can see from the pictures)!
Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade!
Playing Battleship while wearing his stuffed boa! :)
Ninna and Mo Mo are here!

"Dada throwing me again!" :)

Proof that I was there. ;)

Throwing leaves!
Aunt Morgan teaching Jack how to play piano.
First Thanksgiving meal in America!
Playing with Aunt Gretch!
Ninna getting those woogies!
Hanging with the boys!

Breaking it down...

"Ninna, what's wrong with dis duck?"
Jo Jo helping Jack.

"Let's go to the park!"

"High Five Dada!"

Beautiful night for some tennis!
Jack's first tennis lesson!
Love that tennis ball smell!
Making gingerbread cookies.
Silly Photo!
Our family!
 Giving hugs and kisses bye bye!

I had been looking forward to my first Thanksgiving with our child for a LONG time! Every year, we go around the table and say what we were thankful for. Of course, I am always thankful for many things, but deep down, I really wished I was being thankful for my child, instead of just hoping for one.  Well, it took six years, but Bryan and I were FINALLY able to say we were thankful for our son, Jack! What a blessing to be able to experience that time around the table with our family! Of course, Bryan and I didn't get much out, because we were crying, but it was still a wonderful moment! :)

Our Thanksgiving Table (minus Gretchen)

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