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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Month 7!

Month seven started with the best day of all! Our finalization day! On November 30, we went up to Greenville, SC, and made Jack an official member of our family! It was such a special day that I already wrote an entire post about it HERE in case you missed it. Here are some more photos of that weekend...

Chillin with Papa before the big day!

So happy to have Ninna and Papa share this special day with us!

Our wonderful attorney, Mr. Godwin, made this day possible!

We celebrated at the beautiful Falls Park!
Officially an American!

Feeding some ducks.

Jack enjoying being carried up the stairs!

Dada being funny while we wait to eat.

Enjoying our meal at Smoke on the Water.

Ninna and Papa gave Jack a special gift...

Some Moccasins made by Papa!

After lunch, we went up to my parents house since it was only an hour and a half away. We spent the rest of the weekend with them...

We celebrated Jack along with the BIG GA/AL game!

"Come play Cooper!"


Aunt Co Co chasing Jack in a tunnel.

It was a fun weekend!

Once we got home, we immediately started decorating our house with Christmas decor! I was so excited to get the decorations out, because this time, we had Jack to celebrate it with!  Every year, after Christmas was over, I used to pack up our decorations in hopes that maybe next year when we get them out again, we will have a little one to celebrate with. I almost didn't even decorate last year, because I was so depressed. God was so good to bless us with a referral that Christmas, and now we finally had him home to celebrate together! Anyway, as you can imagine, I was eager to get home to decorate! Jack enjoyed watching...

We got to go to a couple Christmas parties with our church. One with our sunday school class and one with our adoption group. It was lots of fun to play with the kids and have a yummy dinners!  Jack also got to meet Santa for the first time. ;)

A little picture time before leaving. :)

Here comes Santa!

Mrs. Claus reading about the real meaning of Christmas, Jesus!

Jack showing off his belly.

The boys are storming the castle! :)
What an awesome place to have a Christmas party!

Ballin with Dada.

Some of the beautiful ladies from our Sunday School Class.

The rest of December, we were getting ready for Christmas and Jack healing from his surgery. So we were stuck around the house a lot. Here some of those pictures....

Jack's new favorite pose.
What Jack does when I'm on the phone. ;)

Helping Mama with the laundry.

The hat he got from the hospital. :)

Loves playing with his fake food.

Watching a movie with some of his friends.

Rockin Papa's Mocs. :)
Likes to play with his buckle under his high chair.

Mr. Potato Head was so kind to let Jack borrow his "gasses."

"Dad, can I have a car like this when I get older?"

There's that pose again.
Dada was proud of Jack's outfit he picked out for him. ;)
This is what Dada does to me when mom takes us shopping. :)

Naked baby!!!

Just another cute one!
Before we knew it, it was time to leave for Georgia for our Christmas vacation! I cannot tell you how excited I was to have Christmas with our Jack! I'm always excited to go on vacation, but this time, it was another level of excitement! :) Unfortunately, though, Jack got sick and was teething all week long. He had three of his molars coming through, and he threw up a couples times. Most nights he was restless and it didn't make sleeping with him in the same room very fun. By the time Jack started looking better, Bryan started to come down with a fever. Despite the yuckies, we still seemed to manage to have a great time anyway! We got to spend time with family and friends and even managed to get some rest time too. :)

All bundled up and ready to go!
We stopped at Tuckaway to see Ninna and Papa!

Pop giving rides!
Grampy with his Great Grandchildren!
Singing Christmas songs!
Loves his aunt Inz.
Playing with his lightsabor on our way home from Blairsville.

Jack decided to entertain us Christmas Eve by singing "Oh holy night"  It's so cute...

Merry Christmas Eve!
"Dad, it's too early to get up!"

Christmas morning!

Jack opening his first Christmas present. :)
Father and Son :)
I love Christmas!

His very own guitar!

Then Cooper came over and we opened even more presents!

Cooper "loving" his new chef hat and apron! ;)

Dad and his outdated helmet!
Nicole and Adam got engaged!!

Playing with Cooper!

Head butt?

My favorite Christmas!

Partners in crime!

Jack, you are so loved!

Visiting with the Howells!

Best buds!

My favorite girl!

Jack, Liam, and Abbie.

We even got to go on a date to see "The Hobbit"
What a wonderful way to end out year 2012! We are so blessed!!!!

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