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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nursery for Jack!

I'm so excited to share Jack's nursery with everyone! I have been waiting so long to have a nursery and I can't believe it's finally done! It took us about 3 total weeks to complete it. I got a lot of great deals on furniture, but because it was all mismatched, it ALL had to be painted white. And did you know if you don't spend money on a good white paint, you will have to paint it five or six times over the primer!!!!!!!!?  :)  So, that took the majority of the time. But once all the furniture was painted, it was fun putting it all together. Now that it's done, I go in his nursery about two or three times a day and sit and look at everything. :)  I just can't wait to have him home! Anyway, here it is!  I hope Jack likes it and maybe even wants to sleep there. ;)

This is what you see when you walk in.
The quilt that inspired the nursery. A gift from my mom.
Looking to the left.
My first mural! Decided to add the growth chart last minute.
Our awesome humidifier. I added the yankees hat of course. ;)
We attached shelves to the branches.

Our little golfer! ;)
Artwork by my sister. And a perfect little Pella piggy bank my hubby got from work.

The right side of the room.
My first painting for Jack. We chose this verse because it's good for us to be reminded that we are all adopted through Christ!

Dog approved! ;)

Now all we need is JACK! 


  1. My heart is all a-flutter looking at Jack's room! What a special, fun, and cozy space you've created for him! Can't wait to see him there.

  2. THIS IS SO AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL! Monica and Brian, you are both so inspiring! God Bless, so excited for you to finally meet Jack :) - Corley

  3. So beautiful!! I love love love the Ephesians painting. You did an outstanding job. Little Jack definitely has a stylish room!

  4. It is beautiful!!!!! I LOVE the artwork you made. How perfect!

  5. Oh my goodness, I love this room! The colors, the furniture, your painting (perfect!), your tree mural (may have to steal the idea), and more. Of course I love the sock monkey, too!! Can't wait to see little Jack in this room. Great job mama!!

  6. SO cute, Monica. What a sweet room. And the verse is awesome!

    Marty Davis

  7. I love it! The shelves on the tree are so clever and of course I love the painting. The quilt is gorgeous! I know you are ready to see him in that room!

  8. Oh I love it!!! It is PERFECT!!! I have no doubt that JACK will absolutely love his new awesome room!!! You did an amazing job!! I knew you would make him an awesome room and I couldn't wait to see the results!!! Looking forward to seeing many, many pictures of Jack in his room, and EVERYWHERE!!! =) Congrats!! Ya'll deserve this more than anyone I know!! You are GREAT parents!!! God Bless you and your FAMILY!!

  9. It is perfect! I love it! I couldn't stop crying after each picture. I am so happy for you and Bryan, I know what you both have been through and what courage it took to step out in faith and believe that God would provide for this adoption and He did.
    Now finally it's almost here!! Little Jack will love his new room and his home and his mommy & daddy! Can't wait! Love you! Mom

  10. This is a nicest room I have ever seen!

  11. I found your blog through Pinterest when a friend of mine forwarding me the image of your canvas. I absolutely LOVE it {and the room, by the way}. We are currently adopting from the Philippines and I would DIE for one of these canvas prints. I see that your shop is closed right now. Any word on when I can order one of these? Jack is the cutest!

    I blog over at Houseofroseblog.com/about