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Saturday, December 5, 2015

An Adoption Update and Christmas Fundraiser!

An Adoption Update and Christmas Fundraiser!

Merry Christmas Yall! We are so excited to let you know we are finally taking a step toward our next adoption! Crazy enough, it's almost been a year since we announced we wanted to adopt! We figured we would get right into everything, but God had different plans for us. Like I mentioned before we got distracted a little in the spring and summer with selling our house and we were hoping to pick things up in the fall. Well, turns out, our fall has been even more distracting! I was offered an illustration job that I decided to take, but this took up a lot of my time as I had a deadline I had to meet. All the while, Jack was and is still having a difficult time adjusting to PreK, so these past few months have been very hard for us.  I will be honest with you, I have been simply overwhelmed at the thought of starting the adoption process all over again. I mean it's A LOT of work to adopt, and I just didn't think I had the mental capacity to do it, much less, think about what the first step should be.

Well, over Thanksgiving, we really thought about it and realized even though we still aren't sure of where we would adopt from yet, we definitely know we want to adopt. It may not be as clear for us this time, but we are realizing that waiting for the perfect timing and being "ready" probably isn't going to happen. If we were ever presented with the option of adopting a child, we wouldn't even be considered to adopt them because we aren't home study approved. In both domestic or international adoption, this is the first step. Once we have an approved home study, we can be considered for adoption.  So, just like before, we are taking a step in faith! We don't know how we are going to do this, but God does!

We have already done the research and found a local agency that we would like to work with. They would be a great option for us for either direction we are led to take (domestic or international). This is a three to four month process, so we figured we should go ahead a start this as soon as possible. But before we start, we are going to need some major help again in raising funds for the home study itself. Unfortunately, it is not a cheap first step. :( With all the start up fees and home study costs, it will be around $3000! So, this is why we decided to do a last minute Christmas fundraiser!

Our Christmas Ornament Fundraiser

So, here are the details of what we are doing. It's pretty simple really! I have these 3 to 4 inch cherry tree wood slices. They were the perfect size to make ornaments out of and I would love to make one for you! Here is what we were thinking. For the next two weeks (until December 19th), I am going to take orders for these personalized ornaments. I can transfer any image you send me onto these large wooden slices.  Whether it's your initials, favorite team logo, a photo of your wedding, ultrasound, or pet, I can do it. :) These ornaments are real wood slices and the image is actually transferred on the surface, not cut and pasted. It will also be sealed and protected for many years to come! For a minimum donation of $25 plus $3 shipping, I can send it to you before Christmas! If you are local, you do not need to pay for shipping as I can arrange to meet you. That's it! If you ever wanted to get a great little personalized gift while helping a great cause, this is a perfect opportunity to help us with our adoption (home study expenses)! Please fill out the Contact Form on side or email HERE or message me on facebook if you have any questions and would like to place your order. Thank you in advance for your support! Here are some more pictures below of the one I did of our family...

How can you say no to this face??? :)

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