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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's Up?

So, we've been getting a lot of questions lately about where we are at with our adoption process and I thought I would give an update since it's been a while.

Our Adoption:

When we decided to adopt the first time, it didn't take long for us to know exactly what we were going to do. Even though it took longer than we anticipated to finally have Jack in our arms, God had made clear our adoption path. Once our options were presented, Korea was the best fit for our family at that time and we never looked back. Fast forward 5 years, we feel very led to expand our family through adoption again, but like I mentioned before, this time, we still haven't felt led yet by which way to do that! There are a lot of options out there and they only seem to overwhelm us: What about domestic adoption? Should it be an opened or closed adoption? Should we use a local agency or national agency? Should we adopt through the foster system? What about networking and doing a private adoption? Should we consider an infant, older child or special needs child? Should we adopt out of birth order? Should we do international adoption again? Which country? Should we only consider international children in foster care or children that are institutionalized? What about adoption through hosting? What about our racial or sex preferences? And how are we going to afford this!?! Actually, that last one I'm not too worried about. I know God will provide the funds for our adoption, no doubt. Our doubt lies in the decision process.  We are just really feeling the weight of this decision a little more this time around because of our experience with Jack and how all this will affect him. We are more open to many options because of what we have gone through with Jack. Adoption is a great thing yes, but it also comes from great brokenness, especially when you are considering an older child or special needs adoption. Only God's love and time can help an adoptive family work through this healing process. We know it's hard, but we also know it's worth it!  We also want Jack to have input in the process. Jack has stated that he wants us to adopt another Asian like him. We know he sometimes struggles with being the only Asian in our family and asks when God will make him Caucasian. :( Although he is still young and we work hard to show him his beauty and the uniqueness in all of God's creations, there is no doubt that having a brother or sister with the same race (or different race than mommy and daddy's) would be a great comfort to him. However, as much as we would like to go with whatever Jack wants, we want to make sure we know that is what God wants first and foremost. So, that's where we are. Even though we are a little overwhelmed and feel the pressure to start something soon, we know that this is all part of the process. I know there is purpose in this. God hasn't made it clear to us yet, because He doesn't want it to be clear to us yet. So, we keep praying and wait again. But this time (because of our journey to Jack), we are waiting with a little more patience and assurance in His plan than we did before. ;)

Lastly, we would like to ask once again that you will PLEASE keep us in your prayers during this time. We are praying that we ultimately seek God's will in all this and that He make this decision clear despite what our feelings say and what others tell us.

Getty Art Studio:

Some of you know that I used to have a painting business to help us fund raise before we got Jack. God had always given me a passion for art and the orders I would receive through this business brought me much joy and provided me great fulfillment. Once Jack was home, though, I knew I needed to put my business on hold to make bonding with Jack our priority.  These past three years being at home with my Jack Mack have been amazing and I've loved every minute of it, but now the time has come that Jack will be enrolling in preschool in the fall. I am so sad to lose my buddy at home, but we know that, socially, this is best for our little guy. I'm sure I will only cry the first month or two. ;) Despite my studio not being open and us not needing money for Jack's adoption anymore, I was still overwhelmed by people still interested in orders. So, now that I have the extra time and the hub's support, I happily announce that I will soon be opening up my studio once again! I have learned a lot along the way and will be implementing some changes that will benefit me as well as my customer. :) I'm slowly working on getting things going but I'm super pumped about painting again and the new changes that are coming!  I'm hoping Getty Art Studio will be up and running by fall but hopefully sooner. We will see how things unfold with this and the adoption process, but I'm so excited to see what God holds for our family. As always, we will keep you updated with things! :)

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