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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home Study Visit Complete!

I just want to thank everyone so much for your prayers. Bryan and I, once again, were shown God's goodness and that He is behind all of this. As you can imagine, this whole home study process can be quite intimidating. A home study agent has a lot of power (not that they hold this over you or anything), but the fact is that they can have the ability to prevent an adoption from going through if you don't seem fit to be a parent. Now Bryan and I never had a reason to believe that this was ever going to be the case, but if you know anything about me and how bad I am at communicating, you would see how I could be a little nervous. I'm alright with writing and explaining my thoughts as I write, because I have time to think about it, but usually, when people as me questions (especially during interviews) I have a tendency to "go blank" and even say the wrong thing. I always feel later that I could have explained myself better. I was really nervous about our interviews, but honestly, it turned out great. We were interviewed by a sweet and friendly married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Spence. We were very comfortable with them, not only because they were so kind, but because they were believers, and we could be very open about our faith (since that is such a HUGE part of all of this)! They asked us very personal questions, but we were able to freely share our hearts with them honestly and not worry about saying the "right" thing! Mr. Spence also prayed for us at the end and told us that they would continue to pray for us! What amazing people! This whole process was just a blessing and relief, and just more evidence that God has His hand on this whole process. This was a major milestone for us, so we went out to celebrate at Smokey Bones (I had a BOGO entree coupon!) ;) So now we just wait about three more weeks before we can see a draft and once that is approved, we start the dossier (Korean paperwork) process for Barker and then start looking into financial aid options!!! Below is a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Spence, who were kind enough to let us take a photo of them before they left. Thanks again for your prayers!

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