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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Newest Korean Addition...

Okay, I'm sorry! I knew this title would perk some interest, but it's not what you think. ;) We actually were given this incredible gift yesterday and wanted to share it with you. Some friends of ours, who actually lived in Korea when they were young, had a lamp that was bought and made in Korea and they gave it to us! It has beautifully handcrafted wood cut designs and gorgeous ink drawings and Hangul characters (Korean Alphabet) done on rice paper. It truly is beautiful! I was so thankful for this gift, because every time I looked at it, I thought of our child in Korea and it makes me feel connected with him/her. More interesting though, is that as I look around the room, I saw nothing "asian" themed in our home. I mean, that thing really sticks out in our living room! :) But, I LOVE it! So that made me think of how that is what our child will be like in our family. He/she may look different, but they are LOVED! Our love for our Korean child will be no different than any other love shared between flesh and blood parents and children. So, I just love our little Asian lamp in our American home! It's a perfect fit!

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