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Friday, February 10, 2012

BEST Update So Far!

Today was such a wonderful day, I just had to share our JOY!  Bryan and I received an update of our little man today. I got word yesterday that it would be coming this afternoon, so I was so excited! I kept myself busy all day and then when I heard the Fed Ex truck pull up, I ran downstairs and met him at the door before he even got there. ;) He just smiled and handed me the package. I immediately called Bryan and told him we got it, and he said that he was on his way home. Once he got there we opened up the package and saw his sweet face and read the letter which opened with:

"Dohyun is getting very well care under the foster family's love and affection. He had his first birthday party on January 16, 2012..."

He had what they call a dol ceremony with the other babies at our agency that had January birthdays.  This is a traditional celebration for one year old babies in Korea. You can read more about dols here.  It is a very big deal in Korea when your baby turns one year old and they have a big party to celebrate! The children wear a colorful ceremonial garment called a hanbok during their dol (they also wear it during certain holidays). Here's Jack in his hanbok! ;)

I make pink look good!

I can't believe how big he has already gotten in two months! No official word on his weight, but it looks like they are feeding him well. :)

The highlight of the party is a ritual they do where the child is placed in front of a table of foods and objects such as string, books, paint brush, money, etc. The child is urged to pick up an object and it is believed that the object picked will foretell the child’s future. For example, if the child picks up a book, he is destined to be a scholar. If he picks up money, he will be wealthy.  If the baby picks up a paint brush, he will be an artist. So on and so forth. Wanna guess what our little man picked??

That's right, he picked the golf ball! They said he will be a golfer! Can I tell you how happy his daddy got when he read this?! ;) He's going to be a daddy's boy for sure.

Not only did we get to see his pictures, but we also got video! Of course, this mama cried at this clip. I cannot express the joy I had in my heart to see him smile. I am so in love!!


  1. AAAHHH!!! This is so completely precious - his outfit and of course the VIDEO - I know you guys are just overwhelmed with joy right now, and also anxiety, and hope, and pain at not being able to hold him RIGHT NOW - I think about you guys all the time and pray for you!

  2. He's going to be the next Tiger Woods! I mean that in a good way! Anyway, he made his grampa very happy too. We are so happy for you guys, we can't wait for you to be able to bring him home so I can squeeze him and kiss him and squish those little fat cheeks and grampa is anxious to make tee times! :)
    Mom & Dad Godwin