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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good News!

Soooo happy to report good news from Barker (our agency)! I spoke with them this morning and she wanted to cut right to the chase. She said she just wanted me to know that Bry and I (and a few other families that have been waiting the longest) were highly advocated for in Korea. She wasn't able to give me 100% confirmation that were still at the top of the list according to SWS (Korean agency) but she said that in every case that they have had communication with them and they reported back saying they would consider it, they followed through with that consideration. She told me she is not worried about it at all, and she even told us that we only had two other families waiting in front of us, making us 3rd on the list!! Just to reiterate, though, even though we are on the the top of the list (as far as waiting the longest), doesn't necessarily mean that they match in chronological order. They consider the needs of the children available first and match with families according to how they feel will best meet these needs. Or, if you are a believer, it happens how God orchestrates the matches ;)
She did say that the month of October would solely focus on getting 5 babies they already have matched approved for travel.  So there will probably be no referrals in October, but should start coming in November and December. She didn't know an exact number of referrals, but she did say that we should expect to be in that group of referrals! 
There were other questions I had, like about the rumors of a price increase, and the age of the children being referred now, but truly I didn't care! I was just so happy to hear good news! Plus, I knew that she would be bombarded with phone calls today and didn't want to keep her. She will follow up with more details about the trip and other information next week through email. So, I will keep you updated with that as well. :)
Thank you so much for everyone's sweet messages of support. Bryan and I thank the Lord for you! 

"Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting!" -1 Chronicles 16:34


  1. Monica, this is great! We will continue to pray for ya'll. Sounds like it will be and extra thankful Thanksgiving or joyful Christmas.:) I can not wait to see a picture of your little one. Josh thinks there are too many girls at the meetings and is hoping for a boy playmate!:)haha

  2. Sounds promising!! We have you all up on our kitchen board of prayer requests and pray for you all daily. Your child is most likely alive and just waiting for his/her forever family. Praying that God's perfect match will be done soon!


  3. So Happy to hear this news.....giving God thanks for this answer, and rejoicing at all HE will do in the coming weeks. HE is a good God!


  4. I would love to visit Seoul (and our children of course) with you and Christy!! So happy to be in this journey along side you both!