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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Unfortunate But Humbling Update

Well, it seems we have hit our first disappointing situation in this adoption process. I have always heard the stories of how frustrating situations arise quite often in the adoption process, but up until now, everything has been going so smoothly. We were informed yesterday that our homestudy agency sent our homestudy to the wrong place!!! And has been sitting there for a month! Yep, just sitting there! Days have been passing by, as this mommie-in-waiting aches for her baby, and there it just sits...at the wrong facility. This means essentially our adoption has been set back a month! I knew something was wrong, because I had yet to hear anything from the USCIS about our fingerprint appointment. So, after calling and emailing everyone, we finally tracked it down. They said they will be able to send it to them by next week! Next week!?! OVERNIGHT THAT PUPPY TODAY!!!
I am obviously struggling with my emotions right now, because on one hand, I am very disappointed in (almost down right furious at) my home study agency for allowing this to happen. Long story short, they said that in all the confusion of new rules from the USCIS, ours got sent to the wrong place. I do understand that rules change a lot in the adoption process, and I can imagine that is difficult to keep up with, but I just feel that they should be on top of everything. I'm pretty sure this is their job to get this stuff right. We actually pay them a lot of money to get this stuff right!
But then there is the other hand...and thank God there is the other hand, because this is the ONLY thing that keeps me from going insane. The other hand is, GOD IS IN CONTROL! As much as I want to cast blame on people and want to make things right, I have to know that this is all part of His masterful plan! I know it is easy to say that, but if I really think about my child, the specific child God has made for me and my husband, it could be that he/she is just not ready yet! Maybe God needed this delay, so that His timing would happen perfectly when our file is in Korea and we are next on the list and our child is next on the list and they put us together! Oh, how I wish I was there for that "God" moment! How humbling it is to know how much God is a part of all of this! Even in the frustrating times, God is there doing what is best for us! So, I guess I probably should thank Him for all of this! Seems like one step back, but it is really a step in the right direction to "our" baby! :)

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